LITO - The evolution of Travel

The concept of travel has undergone numerous evolutions over time. During the Roman Empire, thanks to the numerous routes built, the number of travelers increased exponentially. The first shelters intended to offer food and lodging to travelers took the name of Stationes. Nonetheless, tourism in those days remained limited to aristocratic families, it would take many years for the birth of modern tourism, and only in the 1960s in Europe, it begins to affect all social strata. In the last 10 years alone, the number of passengers on international flights has grown by 53% (ISTAT, 2020).


Traveling allows us to see places never seen before and meet new cultures totally different from ours, nowadays traveling has acquired many shades, we do not travel only to take a vacation but we also travel for work or study. In history the equipment used to travel has also evolved, the Romans used the Marsupium, a bag that hung from the belt and we could consider it as an ancient suitcase [Figure1].


The equipment and technologies available have changed a lot over time, in fact today the modern traveler chooses equipment that prefers comfort first of all. A simple shoulder bag or a bulky trolley is no longer enough.


   [Figure 1: Marsupia Crumenae]


At LITO Travel we have understood the needs of modern travelers and have created a product that is aligned with three fundamental aspects: comfort, a minimalist style, and above all a sustainable product. The keyword of LITO is resizing. The 21st century is the age of wasting less and being more planet-friendly. This is why our sustainable side is fundamental for our company. Each LITO suitcase is made up of 50 plastic bottles, thanks to LITO each suitcase saves 2.3 Kg of PET that does not end up in the oceans. Our mission is to help travelers have the right equipment, which is why we have created the LITO Carry-On suitcase. Carry-on is our 40 liters suitcases version, thanks to its innovative internal folding technology, it can help you save you 2.5x more storage space than a normal suitcase. You don’t have to worry anymore about where to put bulky suitcases in your room. With its folding system, you can place your suitcase under the bed or behind the door, ready to be used.



The Carry-on suitcase has numerous advantages such as its measures that fit the cabin size limits for air travel, in fact the suitcase has the following dimensions: 14.6'L x 9.3'W x 21.5'H. This suitcase features a wide front pocket where you can store your laptop and all the useful items during your travels. The suitcase has two convenient TSA lock securing both the front and the main pocket of your suitcase. At LITO, our products are always created with a vision of durability. For this reason, we offer a lifetime warranty, because we believe in the resistance of our product. Make an investment for your travels, buy LITO and become part of our community. LITO improves not only your travel, but also your stay.        





Andrea Marino 29/05/2022

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