LITO Travel™ Takes the Japanese Market by Storm through Crowdfunding Platform Kibidango

LITO Travel™ Takes the Japanese Market by Storm through Crowdfunding Platform Kibidango

LITO Travel™, the brand known for its innovative and practical travel products, is excited to announce its entry into the Japanese market through the crowdfunding platform Kibidango. This move marks a significant milestone for the brand, as Japan is known for its love for travel and appreciation for high-quality products.

The brand's flagship product, the foldable space-saving suitcase, will be the first to be introduced to the Japanese market through Kibidango. The suitcase's unique folding design, which allows it to collapse down to a fraction of its original size, is expected to be a hit with Japanese consumers who value efficiency and space-saving. The suitcase is also made with eco-friendly materials and processes, aligning with Japan's commitment to sustainability.



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LITO Travel™ will also introduce its line of essential accessories, including the face mask, LITOLITO flops, t-shirts, and sweaters, to the Japanese market. These products are designed to be functional, versatile, and minimalist, perfect for the Japanese consumer's taste.

The brand launched its crowdfunding campaign on Kibidango in 2021, offering exclusive deals and early bird discounts to supporters. The campaign's goal is to raise funds to produce the initial batch of products and to gauge consumer interest in the brand.

"We are thrilled to introduce LITO Travel™ to the Japanese market and to be a part of the Kibidango community," said the LITO Travel™ team. "日本にLITO Travel™を紹介することができてうれしいです。みなさんにLITO Travel™の製品を使って、より快適な旅行を楽しんでもらえることを願っています。" (Translation: "We are happy to be able to introduce LITO Travel™ to Japan. We hope that everyone will enjoy using LITO Travel™ products and have a more comfortable trip.")

Stay tuned for more updates on LITO Travel™'s crowdfunding campaign on Kibidango and be sure to grab your exclusive deals before they're gone!


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